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In Summer Camp Program we will keep your child’s brain and body active while school is out, by providing the perfect combination of creative learning and activity throughout the day! Summer camp programsSummer Camp Programs includes a wide variety of activities such as: science, robotics, outdoor play, Spanish, puzzles, games, math, field trips, and so much more

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Creative writing

Team building


Outdoor Play

Field trips(parks, movies, Main Event, rock climbing)

Video game design



Robotic display


Foundation for the upcoming school year


Creative and critical thinking

Bundles, Pricing & Time:

Option 1: Keen STEAM & RoboticsOption 2: Robotics/ Coding
Monday- Friday


$299 weekly

Monday- Friday


$195 weekly

Option 3: Keen STEAMOption 4: Tutoring
Monday- Friday

(Tutoring Included)

12pm- 4pm

$195 weekly

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Once a week


$195 monthly




Monday – Friday  12:00 PM- 4:00 PM
Keen Academy offers a wide variety of activities engaging students’ minds and bodies throughout the Summer camp program.
$195 weekly

Keen STEAM & Robotics

Monday- Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Students will have a memorable summer engaging in fun-filled activities including science, art, creative writing, team building, Spanish, and field trips throughout the week!
Keen STEAM includes:
Science  Art  Creative writing  Team building  Spanish  Outdoor Play
Field trips (parks, movies, Main Event, rock climbing)
One Week Only $299.
Option 2: Enroll for All 7 Weeks
$299. / Week (Billed Weekly)

Keen Robotics/ Coding

Monday- Friday 9 AM-12 PM
Students will experiment with video game design, Minecraft, Legos, robotic display, and coding.
$195 weekly


One Day Per Week 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM  Choose: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 
Certified teachers will help build a strong foundation for your child’s upcoming school year, through academic tutoring and enhancing creative and critical thinking skills.
$195 Monthly

FIRST Lego League

Keen Academy only partners with highly qualified teachers. Our teachers use proven strategies that guarantee results. We are experts on the Common Core Standards – this means the instruction received at our center supports the instruction your student receives at school.


Keen Academy helps develop those skills. These skills are important for many careers. Consider architecture, fashion, graphic design, and software and application development.

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