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Test Taking Tips,Test Taking

Test Taking Tips

October 16, 2019

Test Taking Tips! Do you chew pencil, feel butterflies in your stomach, and sweat as soon as your teacher hands over you a test? A lot of kids, including adults, get panic out when the time of the test arrives. …

Picking Children's Books, kids Literature Books, kids Books

Picking Children’s Books

June 11, 2019

Picking Children’s Books. Early reading comprehension starts with a well-made book. Prior to taking the course, Children’s Literature Books, I really was not aware of the difference between good and bad quality books. Once I learned the differences, I could …

Gardening and Children, Children in garden

Gardening and Children

June 7, 2019

Gardening and Children, exposing children to gardening at an early age teaches them about sustainability and how to positively impact the environment. Students learn they are able to be self-sustainable once they can grow and produce food on their own. …

ELLs’ Rate of Learning, English language learners

ELLs’ Rate of Learning

April 3, 2019

ELLs’ Rate of Learning, acquiring sight words is an important part of becoming a good reader. Teachers should be aware that the ability of English Language Learners’ (ELLs) to acquire sight words for reading depends on their oral language proficiency, …

Third-Grade Milestones ELA Proficient

Third-Grade Milestones ELA Proficient

April 3, 2019

What does ELA measure? Third-Grade Milestones ELA Proficient, this is the percentage of all third-grade students achieving proficient learner or above on third-grade Milestones English Language Arts (ELA) assessment. Data Source The third-grade Milestones ELA and above rates are calculated … (3)

Third-graders ready

April 3, 2019

for big algebra ideas, researchers say Third grade is not too early to begin teaching algebra, nor is early algebra instruction incompatible with the regular arithmetic curriculum, says a new study in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Third-graders who …

AP Physics 1

April 3, 2019

What makes this Algebra-Based course interesting? Develop a deep understanding of foundational principles of physics in classical mechanics and modern physics by applying these principles to complex physical situations that combine multiple aspects of physics rather than present concepts in …

Back To School Success tips

April 3, 2019

Starting the School Year It’s the beginning of the year and most parents are hoping for a smooth and productive year, and so are teachers. The best thing a parent can do to ensure that the year gets off to … (1)

AP Chemistry

April 3, 2019

What makes AP Chemistry interesting? Students will work in groups to think analytically about problems, identify experimental questions, and design experiments to answer those questions Students will engage in hands-on laboratory investigation to learn chemical concepts through direct experience and …

College Essay Writing

April 3, 2019

Keen Academy will make it easy for you to look for tips on writing an admission worthy College essay. You’ve taken the tests, requested the recommendations, completed the common app, and now it’s finally time to refocus on what you’ve been …

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