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Keen Academy focuses on individual student strengths and weaknesses to drive results. We prepapre kids for future bespoken tutoring, test prep, and school admissions counsel services into a comprehensive program that helps students attain their educational goals.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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Why Keen Academy?

The course offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve academic excellence.

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Effective Learning Environment

Keen Academy coaching builds on the basic concept of providing quality coaching but doesn’t leave it there. It provides the most congenial environment conducive for studies.

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Awesome Quizzes

So many amazing question types provide entertaining and informative quizzes help prepare students for the course assessments.

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Qualified Teaching Staff

Keen Academy takes a great deal of pride in its teachers. The galaxy of our position winning teachers is the backbone of our success edifice.

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Result Oriented Methodology

The result-oriented methodology by Keen Academy ensures that students pass through all phases of studies with flying colors. Fastidiously prepared lectures along with demonstration.

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Student Counseling & Care

Student Counseling & Care is yet another part of our services. The trained and experienced staff of Keen Academy is always available and ready to help students to provide them counseling, support and constructive help.

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Progress Sharing with Parents

Keen Academy lays emphasis on its liaison with parents regarding student performance and learning behavior. Keen Parent-Teacher Meetings are held regularly to understand students’ problems in a better way to help them evolve such strategies which may lead to their success.

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Our Services

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

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Summer Camp Programs

During summer Keen Academy organize Camp Program, Keen STEAM & AMP Robotics, Keen Robotics/ Coding and Tutoring for students.

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Keen Academy focuses on Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Arts & Crafts skills of the student during tutoring sessions under the supervision of highly skilled teachers.

Test Preparation

The Keen Academy also prepares students for SAT prep, ACT, PSAT & Duke Tip, AP Exams, EOC Milestones, ITBS & Gateway– All of these tests have a vital role for getting admissions into college. We also focus to develop critical thinking in our students.

What Parents Say

How real people said about this course.

Ms. Williams

B. Sharma

“Keen Academy has helped me get all A’s! I love to go there and finish all my work.”

Ms. Williams

L. Hall

“This is run by a certified and gifted math high school teacher and my son’s been getting math tutoring for over a year from her, she is the very patient and thorough teacher!”

Ms. Williams

Becky Malmquest

“Sent Claire for her first art lesson with Keen Academy K12 today and was amazed when she showed me this at the end. I can’t wait to see how she grows from here!”

Ms. Williams

Sandeep Sandhu

“We would say thanks to the Keen Academy because my kids transferred from public school to private school and we are getting so much homework that my kids are not used to but I’m glad we have the Keen Academy to help us. The good thing is my kids are happy to go there and finish their homework and also they got very very good grades in their first semester.”

Ms. Williams

S. Khaira

“Keen Academy has been very helpful for my children. Both my boys benefited a lot during the summer camp. Keen Academy takes a keen interest in all their students and pays individual attention to each of them. My boys accomplished a lot in reading, writing, and interesting artwork. The impact of the Academy has been so effective that my younger son Sahil got an appreciation letter from his school for his aptitude and good behavior. I would recommend Keen Academy to all my friends!”

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